About us

We are committed advocates for the disability community, and are passionate about the mission of creating meaningful employment. As Westporters, we care deeply about maintaining a vibrant downtown center.

Our Board includes members with varied professional backgrounds with knowledge and experience in film production, law, financial services, advocacy, special education, accounting and hospitality. We have engaged cinema consultants and architects with knowledge of unique theaters and their operations.

Our History

Westport Cinema Initiative first began in 2011 with the mission of bringing a theater back to Westport. The mission was reborn in 2018 as the original board of directors merged with a grass-roots movement advocating passionately for enhanced employment opportunities for the disability community. 

 Our recharged mission is simple: to open a non-profit movie theater in downtown Westport that will employ people with disabilities.

The “Remarkable” name honors the Remarkable Book Shop, a beloved landmark that once sat at the end of Westport’s Main Street. The name also pays tribute to the abilities and potential of our Remarkable workforce.


Halloran Sage, Attorneys

Jerry Kuyper, Branding Consultant

Robert Young, Cinema Consultant


The Remarkable Book Shop

The Remarkable Book Shop