Our Mission is Simple:

Build a culturally rich, community focused movie theater to provide purposeful employment to individuals with disabilities


Employment gives all people a purpose and the opportunity to engage socially. Work is a source of pride - a chance to develop skills, discover talents, and experience success. This is no less true for people with disabilities than others.


Creating community is important. A place that attracts locals to common areas for shared experiences is a vital part of knitting together a society. We will promote opportunities to gather, enjoy a collective, creative experience, and explore downtown.

A business with the social mission of employing people with different abilities speaks to Westport’s community values of respect and inclusion.


The Remarkable Theater will exist in synergy with local enterprises. As part of downtown Westport, we can create an environment where our citizens love to work, engage with community, find entertainment, and in return, drive the success of our Main Street. Together, Westport’s businesses and nonprofit centers can increase the appeal of downtown for all.


“No one can do everything, but everyone can do something” ~ Max Lucado

That "something" can be amazing, purposeful and powerful… but only if that opportunity exists.  

We will empower people with disabilities through employment, using a nonprofit business model that will engage the community to support it. We will develop a vibrant, cultural hub that will be commercially successful and will contribute to the energy and vitality of downtown Westport.

Why a Theater?

Our community strongly supports bringing a theater back to Westport. In official surveys, town forums and social media discussions, “movie theater” is consistently at the top of the list. We believe a movie theater is an ideal place of employment for individuals with varying abilities, offering positions that will allow our remarkable workforce to use their existing strengths and develop new skills. Work opportunities will include ticket sales, marketing, concessions, food preparation, landscaping, cleaning, and more.

We will build the Remarkable Theater with maximum accessibility in mind so that it supports employees and customers of all abilities. Employees will be supported with extra training and accommodations that meet their unique needs. Everybody wins: Employees learn, train and work while customers enjoy an unparalleled movie theater experience.

The theater will always keep the spotlight on our employees, beginning from the moment a customer walks through the door and is greeted by an usher. In all ways, we will lead with our employment model so our customers realize that this is not just a movie theater – it is something remarkable.